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Great utility for all


Dumb Satellite Babe
My Satellite Setup
Technomate 5500CIP
Force 1145S
Pace 2600
SS2 pci & USB
Channel master 1.8m
1.2m & HH motor
AMD 64 bit, Linux & Windows XP2
My Location
Ibiza, Spain
If you want to see which channels are on which sats, either by FTA, ENCRYPTED, PACKAGES, LANGUAGE, etc. then this is very good utility that works off line for anybody.
Go to www.force.tv/page89.aspx and download
1, Channel Editor
2, Channel list v119(1144-2055) (its constantly being up-dated)
Place the list in the root of the installed editor prog and open it

Its designed to modify Force boxes by RS232, but its great for identifying channel frequencies