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Sep 28, 2005
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Wish You all a very special day, lots of fun and presents.

Birth Date:19th JuneColour:Day glow OrangeNumber:1 , 11, 22Stone:Tigers eye – a stimulating stone for ideas and protectionFlower:Virginia CreeperPet:Big CatCareer:Baseball Player , Soccer Star , Horse riderKey Features:Energetic, Spunky , SpontaneousNaturally good at:Bluntly stating the truthCharacter:You bubble with frentic energy which is difficult to calm down, you are a right laugh and well known for your naughty jokes. You must learn who can handle your oddball humour!Life Path:You are humorous and love to be at the heart of a scandal. People like to gossip about you and most of the time you love it. You like to be noticed and are quite the snazzy dresser. If you took up meditation or some spiritual path you would be unstoppable.Love:You will have many great loves in your life but careful you don’t love yourself too much! You are so preoccupied with how you look you don’t realize others could see it as vain. Try a Leo who is also ruled by your birth number ruler , the glowing sun , they think all that mirror worship is normal.Best Present:Video Camera , Fair Ground Rides