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Many happy returns, have a great day - and many moe to come.

Birth Date:9th JulyColour:CherryNumber:18 , 72 , 36Stone:Ruby – Passion stone Hindu’s used to believe it would keep you faithfulFlower:Bird Of ParadisePet:German ShepardCareer:Engineer , Composer , Opera SingerKey Features:passionate , Energetic , PowerfulNaturally good at:Achieving your goal.Character:You’re a powerhouse of energy most of the time but find you may take dips and get exhausted on a regular basis, this is because you tend not to pace yourself. When you have something to do be it a job or a romantic liaison you put your heart and soul into it. Always make sure you get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet to boost that volcanic energy.Life Path:You are a high achiever in all areas but also need periods of solitary meditation. You may not like to spend time alone but it is an essential part of your nature to recharge. Have a date with yourself once a month doing all your fav things.Love:You enjoy making love and have great imagination as a lover. Remember though that you have nothing to prove and the more you relax the better it will be. Try an Aries who can match that erotic spark as your birth number ruler is Mars which also ruler Aries.Best Present:Jet Skies , Ruby Ring , Book Of Karma Sutra