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Sep 28, 2005
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Have a great day - many happy returns.

Birth Date:12th AugustColour:YellowNumber:12,9,3Stone:Citrine – builds self confidence and humilityFlower:ButtercupPet:CanaryCareer:Meditation Teacher , Animal Trainer , JockeyKey Features:Expansive , Optimistic , WiseNaturally good at:Taking advantage of opportunityCharacter:You generally have a happy go lucky air and feel comfortable in your own skin. You like who you are and you have made the best of your life. Occasionally as Jupiter planet of good fortune is your birthday ruler , you have experienced bouts of supreme good fortune.Life Path:Your likable and generous and always have a wide circle of friends in your life. You have the capacity to live for the moment and are well balanced. You have plenty of admirers but tend to look before you leap, you can flirt like a gold medallist but it is all harmless fun.Love:Loyal and bighearted in a relationship you enjoy being in love. You tend to share your money and shower your amour with presents. You build solid foundations and enjoy the whole experience. Why not try a Sagittarius also ruled by Jupiter?Best Present:Adult Toys , Decanter