Hauppauge dvb-s (was it good for you)



hi ya.

i'm a total newbe at this, so please forgive me if i'm being stuped for asking... but.

i put a dish up on my wall (not 2 shure if it's pointing the right way yet) and installed the dvb-s.

when it scans for chanels, the chanels that it sees have a sound level of between 9 and 11 db, and the quality bar is full.

i now have a big list of chanels, and can see the fashion chanel, the god chanel, the einstine chanel and so on. but i cant get a picture for bbc1,bbc2,chanel 4 or chanel 5 (+ sky chanels, but i expected not to beable to see them ).

am i doing some thing wrong? or do i need the "decoder tipe box thingy" to put a decoding card in to as well.

any advice, tales of simular experiance and/or web links to informitive infomation that would be helpfull to a compleate idiot would be verry gratefully recived.



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May 1, 1999
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I'm afraid that you won't see any of the encrypted channels on 28.2, the ones you have are the ones that you'll get with your PC card. To enable viewing of the BBC channels you will require a Sky digibox and a Free to View card obtainable from the BBC.

You'd probably have more fun if you put a second LNB on the dish pointing at 19.2 as there is a lot more potentila there, plus you can buy a CI card from Hauppauge which will allow addition of a CAM and card for decryption.



thank you, rolfw.

as soon as i work out which direction the astra 19.2 is. i think i'll probly move my dish to that and keep it there, the euro chanals look far more interesting, + i can see bbc1 from my portable tv anyway.

thanks again.