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Have a problem with Vision Plus

Dear Friends
I have a problem and need your help to solve if you can.
I bought a Digital Satellite Card for my computer brand Vision Plus, and I record a film with it and it was great in quality but the problem is I tried to convert this copy from MPEG2 to DVD format “ Video-VTS” using program “ Neo Plus” to burn it after on a DVD Disk but I found out that after converting to Video-vts there is a picture without a sound, so I tried to use another program like “ Easy CD/DVD Creator V6.2 it works but I found out that after burning the film on a DVD disk the film are not complete the end titles are not there but there is a picture and sound I have installed all the codecs I found on the net so does any one faced the same problem or any body have a solution for it.
Looking for your help ASAP.
Best regards


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May be better to put this in the Computer section Mike, possibly more people there with DVD conversion skills. I will on this occasion copy ythis post to the computer section and leave this here. :)