Hazards of Plastic Bags


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Aug 13, 2007
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This is a real story, happened one windy day last winter.
Sorry I didn't have my camera with me, but would love to have one of our imaginative members have a go at making an animation out of it. You never know, someone might buy the clip (just don't forget the story teller :))

I man was walking about 15 steps before me with both hands full of groceries, and all of a sudden a plastic bag that was flying in the air landed underneath his right foot and got hooked as he continued to walk.
Before I could warn him, he walked one more step but got his left foot inside the same bag and then when he tried to walk another step he fell on the ground and made three or four rolls and everything that he carried in his hands was thrown away.
I ran and helped him to get up on his feet, this time without the bag and gathered his things from the pavement.
Luckily he seemed to be alright, otherwise I wouldn't have thought that it was funny.