Hello everyone! Newboy here



My Satellite Setup
all sorts of bits (im new to scene and bought lots in error i think)
My Location
basildon essex uk
hello all i am very new to satellite etc
i have purchased odds and ends of equipment over the last cpl of years but never realy got anything working that well

wife is thai and i have got a 80cm dish set to hotbird
together with a mondeal 9000 gold reciever
i also have a echoistar AD2000IP,
humax IRCI 5400 and a diseq motorised dish eliptical 1.2 mtrs
and a aston cam card p/n 901274
can anyone help me as to getting some free films etc (for experimental purpeses of course) i am having to make a special wall mounting bracket to share weight of dish over 10ft of wall space as it must go above roof and on flank wall...

i was told that magic cam is best
i already have a elvis programmer from a purchase lot but havent a clue how to use it.