Help - 0 channels found on Pioneer Box!



Hi.. I moved a Pioneer Terrestial box from London to Surrey 6 months ago. Auto search found all channels again and was a.o.k.. Moved back to London few days ago - same house and aerial connection as 6 months ago when it worked... now auto search on the box gets to 25% and say '0 channels found' with the little red box on the screen indicating no or poor signal. The aerial is fine as the video gets a great picture with the same cable.

Is the box busted?? Would a factory reset help and if so how is one done on the Pioneer??? Is there a limit maybe on doing these searches to stop people taking their boxes to different locations without telling ITV???


[updated:LAST EDITED ON 18-Mar-02 AT 00:16 AM (GMT)]My mate lives in a poor reception area, so he has a booster before going into the box (Nokia). The only problem is, if he needs to "store channels" the box doesn't find any! Yet it can watch stored channels no problem, he brought his box round to mine the other night just to update with the new channels.

Point being... have you got a booster in line with the arial? Try getting a direct signal from the arial, if this doesn't work then afraid it sound's like your box is bust for sure. Don't know how to reset software (try holding select when powering up(works with philips)).

Good luck either way.

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In menu has the signal strength meter moved (ie has a green bar appeared)if not try ajusting rf channel (usually 21-89)try all and see if a green bar apears.(i had same prob this cured).