help about irdeto ver:0.07B



i evryone!
I have irdeto
901454 IRDETO 1.00
ver:0.07B Soft Cell: Ver 2.06B - NEC I-Chip
COMPILED JUL 4 2001 13:29
and i would like to use it with my Echostar 3600 .
i have a fun card and multiprog2001.
my question is if my irdito can be used or not .
if yes how? and wtih any programm can i use my fun card to watch irdeto encripted channel .
if not what can i do with it can a use it to see any station tv, can i upgrad it .
all kind of help are wellcome.
best regards ibn

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I assume from the information provided that you have installed the cam and then used the Echostar conditional access module menu to report the cam information?

The cam should work fine with the Echostar - I use a ver 2.06b without any problems.
I have not seen a Irdeto fun card hex file, however I have used both a Silver and fun DS9-5-1 file without problems some time ago - note that only the Irdeto part will work! ORF and prem etc will not work you need a Alphacrypt cam etc for those.
you will recieve the Irdeto part of the C+ digitaal package and stream etc.

You can download the package though the www.satlinks.da.du then use the link to phills sat files, here you can download in the VIP room the funcard files.

You will also find the gold card Irdeto sat files here also - this is perhaps an easier option.

have fun

old satellite

Old Satellite

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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 07-May-02 AT 10:30 AM (GMT)]Sorry the link should have read

The VIP refers to the forum where you may download the files.

Cam Information there are many sources of information, you can also find further information in topic 210 - this is a good source of Cam information.

Generally if you have a Irdeto Common Interface Ver: 00.xx ICHIP CI Module then you can reflash - At your own risk though the PCMCIA socket.- not with the Aston seca Bin File - this is the Euro cam format.
You are able to flash the cam with Freecam 0018 etc and many sites you can download the loader and Bin (flash File)

If you have the newer Irdeto Common Interface Ver: 01.xx Eurochip CI Module- then you have a lot of work to reflash the cam- including removing the flash memory from the board this is a LQFP device (Quad Flat Package - very small)and reprogramming additionally, here you are limted to patching the cam to a Alphacrypt - or to a Aston seca Do not try this unless you have the tools and skills !

Check out the link below for further information also

PS sorry, additional information
Your cam includes both irdeto and betacrypt as standard.

The link following should also help

I hope this helps

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