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Martin Keith

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Hi all,

I'm relatively new to all this business so go gently with me.

I live in Gremany (ExPat) and have a satellite set up with Astra 19.2 E, including Premiere.

I was looking to expand my system to be able to recieve the FTA programmes from the UK and need some advice.

I have looked into a new 90cm Dish, I think this should be big enough looking at the footprint, but if not I can go bigger. I have an unrestricted view east so that's not a problem. What type of reciever/ decoder would you recomend, bearing in mind that tastes and finances may change, with a view to upgrading to Sky maybe. Depending on that , would I need a FTA card to view the BBC for example or not? If I do are these easily available and from whom?

Think that'll do for now.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Welcome to the forum Martin Keith

Well I would recommend just swinging your dish round 9 degrees further East and having a play now, that way you will get an idea of the required dish size and what is available FTA without spending any money at all no cards or cams required for FTA stuf including Beeb and ITV. It really is not that far from one sat to another so if you have access to the dish and a couple of spanners give it a go, but make sure you mark your existing settings with white paint or something so that you can always go back to where you were. If that is successful you could then progress to Hotbird and have a look, there is a lot to go at