HELP!!! Coship2300A

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Brussels , Belgium
Plz someone can help me?????? i have Coship 2300A SW:SO2B-2.98RB39.01 , HW:STS-MB.02A-SZLO and i used uptoolB34-38-39 and patch: SO2B-2.98R-B39.01_21.08.04 to flash it,and i had good picture but no sound only noise, than i used romb34_39pour 2et3 generation.bin only 4 strokes on the display, on the screen nothing , now reciever do not accept any software (allways only red lamp works, LED nothing) except first noisy one SO2B-2.98R-B39.01_21.08.04 but problem is now that i get only FTA channels with noise, and no decoding scrambled channels like on begining. and on meny->reciever information is now SV:SO2B-2.98RB39.01 , HV:STS-MB.02A-SZLO nowhere a sign of some patch. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM HOW TO FIX IT!!! any helpful idea can be posted here or send it on : sub:Coship 2300. thx in advance!

best regards.