help for a very confused newbie

Hello All,

Am very very new at all this....and so far the more I read
I more confused it gets.

I live in the USA and would like to watch viaccess 1
channels on TelStar 5 (ie: ETTV america).

Now the confusion: I am not sure what is the best cam
and smart card I need; also, what programmer I need with what software. Please help.

Last, assuming I manage to round all the pieces(hw & sw),
then how do I go about making/locating content for the smartcard that is appropriate with the provider here in the States.

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.


Salty Tech Monster Bod
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Protek 9750 HD IP, Spiderbox 9000HD. Cryptik Digital H-H Mount with1.2m Oval Dish and a box in the garage consisting of 2 obsolete STBs, various Cards and a couple of cams!
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Well my advise is 'try not to run before you can walk!'...first thing you need to find out is if you can receive your selection of satellite's in the area where you live!. Next buy a good system that will cater for your viewing. When you have got that far come back here and we will help you the next step of the way!...If you spend some time reading the many post's on this forum you should be able get good knowledge with the general know how on the subject of satellite TV. There are many answers here and of course anything you are not sure of we will be only too glad to help you.