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I have had a year with Sky and found mostly repeats, cookery and poor programming which wasnt worth the £40 a month. The only thing I will miss is some of the sports. They have reprogrammed my card (via satellite I presume) and I now get a few FTA programmes.
I have an old Grundig G.AG 7300 digibox that I picked up for very little at a car boot.
I believe that the Sky Pace digibox and aerial now belong to me also.
So, what is the best way for me to get the widest coverage of programmes with what I have got, or do I need to spend part of my pension on something else. Keep it simple please or redirect me to somewhere else that might helThanks


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You can get a few more FTA scraps from other satellites, but it would mean re-aligning your dish, which if you get someone in to do it would cost a fair few bob for not much gain.

To get anything worthwhile, you would need a bigger dish (80 - 90cm dia), a new FTA sat-box plus a new LNB for your dish, cable, mounts etc. You can pick that lot up (bundled) for about £250 plus fitting (another £100?).

That's about 9 months Sly sub, but would give you many channels from one of the other two large sat locations. For an extra £20-odd, you could have either a dual-LNB or a monoblock which would double what you could receive.

If that sort of outlay doesn't put you off, then you're in the right place.

Check out and to see what that would consist of. You can get all the FTA stuff there (key at botom of pages).

I would also advise keeping your existing setup as-is for the Beeb and ITV/Ch4/Ch5 as the FTA box won't do all these.



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you can get astra 1 signals with a 43cm dish but you would have to re align it see lineup here and use ur current box digibox to add in the channels. Only holds 25 tho!!