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help for star sat SR-X1500D SUPER MKII

I have a STAR SAT SR X 1500D super MKII .I think I updated it with the wrong software. The signal becomes broken after that and for satalite and channel names it give me strang charactors ,I tried to download another software but no change and when download complete the display keep showing E005 and not going to END like before , please tell me what to do


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Dreambox 500s,Dreambox 800HD PVR,Max 1000,Vivax 505, Starsat 200CI. Desktop with WinXP, Laptop with Vista & Netbook with Win7. External HD/Media Recorder.Hotbird,Nilesat,Asiasat3S & Intelsat.
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Download the zip folder at this link h**p://www.satsw.com/Upload/sw_ver_clean_for_SR-X120,150,200CI.zip
Unzip the folder
Browse to it through EMUpgrade >
Click Start
Turn off the receiver and turn it back ON
Now you may load any software that you want to put into your receiver (Check the version first; latest one is 18 or 19.12.2004)
Good Luck.