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Hi im new 2 the site dunno if im posting in the right place.
Im looking to get a 80 cm dish, and a technomate box to watch football on a Saturdays. Does anyone know a good installer around West Wickham in Kent.
Can a 80cm motorised dish be mounted on a chimley? does a motorised dish need power run to the dish?
Do I need to get the ART card to watch football, and do any technomate boxes have a compnent out as I have a Plasma TV.


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My Satellite Setup
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A lot of questions...

Hope you've tried to answer them by searching :mad:

Mounting a dish on the chimney will have to take account of the wind load on the dish mount and brickwork.

The power for the motor is supplied by the receiver through the coaxial cable for the set-up you mention.

The receiver you mention can be patched to view channels but to guarantee the football every Saturday you would need a card.

Will connect to Plasma not sure if it has component output.

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