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First I'd like to thank you all for the advises giving on line which enabled me to upgrade my receiver with a new software ,, but I need more help ,,

before downloading the new software I use to press the code 9911 to open scrambled channels, after I download the new software this code is not working anymore ????
is there any new code for Technosat FTA 5200 ?? is there a problem with the new software ?? or do I need to re-download it again ??

Pls help & thanks agian,,



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Hello and welcome to the forum haith911
As this is your first post I am wondering what, how and when you were given this advice. A standard FTA receiver will not have an access code to allow you enter keys because a Free To Air receiver is only designed to access FTA channels not encrypted channels. This suggests that a patch was installed at some point to allow you to access them. What 'Upgrade' software did you use, where did you obtain it??? If you obtained it from Technosat then that could be the problem.