Help needed for a sat system



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technomate 1500 ci super motorised 1m dish
Art cart 1-6 12 months
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north east
Hi All,

New to site and new to sat systems.

Im looking for help in buying a sat system.

Currently i have Sky :( over rated and over priced.

What i want to use a sat system for is mainly football (live) premiership games over weekend.

Also abit entertainment for the family ie films in english a bit kids stuff and discovery programs.

Also some franky vaun would not go a miss.

I have broadband 2meg and a phoenix programmer if any good.

I here techno mate or dreambox are top boys ?

Im ok on a pc and in time could get used to using such systems, If there is anyone from Newcastle upon Tyne are that would help me get started i would be more than happy to put a drink there way.

Hope you can help guys many thanks



My Satellite Setup
A cheap 'n' nasty Silvercrest and an old (but good) TM1000D. 28, 19, 16 and 30W
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Scottish Borders
Hi xeine,
sorry, not from Newcastle,:-doh! but I know there are a couple of dealers in the area who could probably help with equipment. I don't know much about sports channels, but there is a fair bit of English language stuff up in the stars - Astra 19E, Hotbird 13E and Hispasat 30W, among others.:)
The Technomate is a fairly easy box to use and update - don't know anything about the Dreambox, I'm afraid:-doh! . There's lots of advice on the forum about both the receivers and the various channel options - just a case of dredging through the search options:eek: