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I have the following set up.

A sky dish with a quad LNB one of the leads goin to the sky box in my sitting room.

A UHF ariel for RTE1/2 and a UHF Ariel for TV3/Tg4. this is going into a masthead some thing or other which combines the two signals and I have one lead coming from this, which is split in 4 by a metal splitter. all connections are sealed with self amalgating tape. One of the outputs from this splitter goes to my sky digibox. the Lead from the out on the digibox goes into a manhattan receiver and from there to a DVD recorder. The out from the recorder then goes into a distributer. From here the signal goes to a TV in my living room area and the other signal goes to my LCD Tv in my sitting room.

It is here that I have the problem. I cannot seem to get a decent picture in my sitting room and the portable in the kitchen seems to be ok. I have changed the outlets , but no matter what I do I cannot seem to be able to improve the reception. It only happens with TV and TG4.

Can anyone please help.

many thanks



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If you are seeing a much better picture on the portable in the kitchen, more than would be attributable to the small size of the screen, then it can only be the distribution amp outlet, the cable or connectors, or perhaps a VCR which the signal loops through, this may conflict with those two channels.