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Help needed since months...

My Satellite Setup
14ft C-band Dish for AsiaSat 3S 105.5E and 6ft C-band Dish for IntelSat 701 180.0E
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Fiji Islands
Hey All,

My 14ft dish receives all FTA channels on AsiaSat 3S (C-band), however I have been searching for months for something that may help unlock the NDS-based Star TV on the Pansat 2700A receiver that I had imported from the states. I had no idea it only worked with DISH Networks in USA, until about a month ago. It is possible to unlock though because the second PIN menu has a CAS screen which one can include Provider ID's in. The name will be displayed once the correct ID has been put in. After this, the key can be entered. I am not sure if it can automatically locate it.

Anyway, I haven't been able to find anything that could help. Not even a Satellite Provider ID list from which I can experiment on. Having joined 6 Forums around the world, and still have found nothing. I am certain that there is a possibility and I ill try my hardest to figure it out, but I need help.

Please let me know if anybody knows anything.




Staff member
Scottish Borders
My Satellite Setup
TM 5402HD
Skybox F3
Sky+ UK.
My Location
Scottish Borders
NDS is Videoguard - considered one of the more secure encryptions. You will probably find you cant unlock Star TV :D