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Help needed with lost signal.

My Satellite Setup
pace box
My Location
Western Norway
I set up my freesat system here in Norway a couple of months ago.

My dish is a bit small and my signal strength has rarely been more than a third, but I have a good pace box and have always had nearly all of the channels with almost excellent signal quality.

However, today and yesterday I've had no signal strength bar at all and my signal quality is at about a third (if that makes sense).

I now just get the no signal message on all channels.

It did snow yesterday but there's nothing on the dish and the sky is clear and blue.

When I try to move the dish, it just makes the quality go worse or I lose the lock.


Super Minty Mod
My Satellite Setup
1200cc with 100,000,000,000 neurons and 100,000,000,000,000 connections
My Location
Fife, Scotland
Have you checked all the connections, and could the LNB be damp/damaged?

Ideally, if possible, test your box on another dish to see it it’s it or your cable/LNB of dish alignment that's the problem.