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hi am in orebro,sweden i have 2 dishes .
ist is 1.2 meter with 3 lnbs for hotbird,astra19 and astra 28.
i took this new dish for astra28 and arabsat ,first installer said that with this i can get astra28 and arabsat perfect but when he installed it i only got mbc from arabsat and astra was not working fine aswell and he was just saying different things that its only 2 degree difference and both cant work and i asked to tak out arabsat lnb and give me fine astra 28,
he did but still its not fine am not getting like bbc ,sonytv,satmax,zeetv,
cnn ,itv,cartoonnetwork,disney etc.
so for first thing that can i get rotana package from arabsat and perfect astra 28 from this my new bought 1.2 meter dish with wich i have lnb for hotbird which is 85 persent ok and astra is 95 persent ok.
so can i get my rotana and perfect astra or not or just can i get astra 28 perfect so please let me know,this was first thing .

second is that i have another 90 cm trix oval shape dish which i installed to sirus 4.8 and question is that can i get .8 thore, intelsat 7,and 9 east sat with this ext satup dish please guide me for this.

third thig is that i have 2 diseq switches 4 port each if i have installed 7 lnbs and i dont have 8 port diseq switch can 2 diseq switches 4 port each can it work if so how and i have db 500s.

thank you very much.
looking forward for response.


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OP Gibertini 100 XP+ Inverto Black Ultra 0.2
Superior Dark Motor (160° max)
(50 east to 34.5 west)
TM6902HD (A/B switch) Octagon SX88+Optima

Raven 88cm Mesh Dish + TM-1 0.1
Stab100 H to H (120° max)
(53 east to 45 west)
Octagon SX88+ (A/B switch) Edision S2

45cm dish V8 Golden 28E FreeSat Quad Lnb
Virgin Media FreeSat
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Not much hope of getting Rotana package as this is on the very tight footprint on Badr-6




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AZbox PrmHD + OpnbxS9HD + Skybox + DrHD F15
2x VboxII AZ-EL
2 m+ Alcoa PF + BSC421 C-Band lnbf...
+SS2/TwHnS2-3200 pci/TBS6925 pci
1.5 Fortec Star -Gbox - HtoH Ku/Ka/C
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Hi friend ..
I've just looked at the footprints for various beams on Astra 28.2
If it is the Freesat channels you are trying to receive ..these are located on Astra 2D ..and use a spot beam centred directly over the UK ..
..This beam falls well short of your location ...though many beams from this orbital spot do illuminate Sweden ..
Go to lyngsat ..and check which channels you want to receive ..then open the corresponding footprint map (extreme right of the transponder info) to see if it is possible for you.. should for example able to receive the BBC News transponder on the 2B South Beam 11954 H
tp 13


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shazgee4u said:
ist is 1.2 meter
How are you measuring the dish? Is it an offset dish? What LNB are you using? BTW you are closer to the beam centre than I am and I'm using a 1.5m. I'd guess you are right on the fringe of 1.2 reception though.