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hi all

just wanted to say hi to everyone first, and to say what a great forum this is.

also if you guys could give me some of ur expert help.

i remember about 6 years ago when i used to stay at my cousins house messing around with his dads sky, cant remember makes or models but i remember it had loads of channels, which was great. then i found out by pressing the west button on the remote it moved the dish and i had access to lots of adult channels (scrambled or adverts for them) which got me thinking the other day, i want those good days back again :)

i have sky + now which is great but i want some good adult channels.

ive read a few sky books and dont really understand the ins and outs, i know u need a stb with cam and card but what im not sure of is...and this is seperate to my sky dish, as i can locate a seperate dish at the bottom of my garden.

1. can i use one dish (non moterised) to get lots of adult chanels?

2 can i use one dish with twin lnb?

3. or do i have to get a moterised dish?

what i really want is number 1 single non moterised dish which can pick up lots of adult entetainment, ill be using it only for that purpose as i dont need anything else as ive already got sky+

also is a topfield tf58oo pvr a good box for my project?

many thanks