Help on Magix MGX-7210VA



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I have this Magix MGX-7210VA receiver which has built in Viaccess and a card reader. As I dont like the firmware on it I want to change it to a better one. I have searched the net for the receiver but it seems this particular model of Magix is not at all common. After a lot effort I have now identified the receiver as an OEM model manufactured by ADT. In terms of hardware, this particular model badged as MGX-7210 happens to be ADT-2510Z.

I have tried the different firmwares on ADT site ( ) but the receiver does not accept any. When I try to downlaod, it says harware system ID mismatch. I then uploaded the existing Magix firmware in the box to the PC and tried to compare the binary files. After comparing the files I replaced the header bytes on the ADT firmware with the same from the Magix firmware using a binary editor. When I did this, the receiver accepts the firmware and successfully downloaded it. The problem is it does not boot and hangs up there. Since I backed up the Magix firmware I could reload this to the receiver and restore it to working status.

I am sure people here would have experience in modifiyng boxes by loading different firmwares. I would appreciate if someone could help me to change the firmware of this unknown Magix MGX-7210 to a popular one.

I have also tried the Code Menu firmwares for ADT known as REX ( ). Below are some details of the receiver:

Hardware Version: 2510Z-0.9
Loader Version: OTA.02.006