help on setting up a steerable dish.



hi 2 old 4 this, this is my first post here after being put on to you by zansi (very nice chap) the problem i have is an uncle of my wife has a multi sat system installed in his new house i think he did it himself and he cant get it to work and my wife volunteered me for the job, fine if i knew what i was at but i have never been close to a motorized system, dozens of fixed dish installs but no multi.What do i need to know about setting it up for him as i am looking forward to the challenge of success! Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated..
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Jan 1, 1999
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Sorry for the late reply.

Whole books have been written on how to set up motorised systems, and it would be not be feasible to repeat all that information here.
So I need to know what the actual problem is, before I can advise. What kind of receiver is it? Does it have an integrated positioner or is the positioner separate? Which satellites can he receive and which not? What is his (approximate) geographical location? What kind of dish & motor/actuator is it? How was it aligned? Etc etc etc.

In the meantime I would refer you to the many posts over the last several months on this board. Try our search function. I have included in many posts links to excellent sites containing info on setting up such systems (as well as provided a short description myself). Others here have made good contributions too.

You might alos get hold of a few back issues of What Satellite (I assume you are in the UK). Their 2000 "reviews" yearbook (covering 1999) had a full description of setting up motorised systems in the UK. It's also appeared in their sister publication "Better Satellite".

Anyway, as I said: come back with more specifics and I'll try to help.