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Help: Opos Card & 6in1 files


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Dreambox 7020, HH120 Discq notor with Triax 1.1m
I have a Matrix Reloaded and Opos card (which I was lead to believe was the best) but the files for it seem to only unencode 1 type (say Irdeto or Viaccess or Conax) and if I had to have several cards for it then it would be costly to say the least.

I have seen 6 in 1 files that seem to do several at once so why does the Opos not? Can I use the 6 in 1 files on the OPos with some conversion tool if necessary or do I need another type of card (if so which?).

What is the best type of card to have (and cam for that matter)?

Please help as beeing new to this is doing my head in even after reading the forums!


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Hi New2It,
although I personally don't own an OPOS card, I use a Dragon Cam, I believe you use the Xin1 files which will open a lot of channels.
It might be best to have a look at their site:
Best wishes