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Help Please dish set up


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My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 7000s 60 gig segate hard drive
Ok guys got my Dreambox
Installed multi sat system before so know basics but its been a long time
I beleive i need to set the moto to 0 and the try and find thor 1w
ive found Astra no problem
What am i doing wrong
not sure about seting long lat in the receiver do i need to do this
52° 14' 38" , 0° 53' 13"
52.244 , -0.8872

that doesnt make sence to me
If i remember rightly in the back of the old sat mags there was a print out of all the sats does anyone have a copy they could scan for me or even a link it may help maybe im just pointing the dish the wrong way
Kind Regards