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Help please/Keys

My Satellite Setup
TM1500 ci
80cm dish + dual LNB
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About 3 years ago i used to have a satellite system that every month the bloke i brought it off sent me a set of 9 four figure numbers that i had to put into the receiver to unlock channels on Hotbird and Astra.
I have now brought myself a Tecnomate 1500ci and had it set up today with a fixed 80cm dish facing Astra and Hotbird and after using the most up to date patch i find that some of the channels are still scrambled.
So are the keys that are mentioned on this site the same as i used to use as i have taken the old Aston cam out the old receicer and put it in the new receiver so will these keys help at all and how would i go about it.
Thanks all..... Robo


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My Satellite Setup
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If you have a patched Technomate, then you don't need the CAM, what channels are you receiving, you can't get everything.