Help Please - Patch vs CAM & Card?

al pal

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My Satellite Setup
Kaon KSC 570H PVR, Triax TD88 REX Single 0.3db LNB, SM3D12 DiseqC Motor, Digifusion FVRT100 Freeview Dual PVR, Cambridge Audio DVD57, Sony STR-DB930, Mirage AVS-500/ FRX-S8, Toshiba 36ZP18P.
My Location
Scotland M8 Corridor
An a begginer with help from the forum :) decided of the folloing system;

Fortec Star Ultimate
Moteck DiseqC 1.2 motor
88cm Triax dish
0.3 db LNB

Although mainly for FTA channels from Romania I know I can do a lot more!
What will be the capabilities when I patch the receiver + k*ys vs. a CAM and programed card?

What are the best ways to do either?

Any advise would be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.

Al Pal