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I want to buy a Satellite reciever and have been looking on ebay but every time i see 1 i like the look of i have second thoughts as i dont want to buy a reciever that is no good for what i want it for so i was hoping that one of you guys out there can point me in the right direction.
I live in the UK and want the reciever mostly for watching premiership football but films and XXX would be a bonus so any help would be great and when the Recievers talk about exstra slots for cams well that looses me completly.
Thanks all regards Robo4


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My Satellite Setup
Sky HD, TM6800HD, Manhattan Plaza ST550 and TM1500 CI+. 1.0m dish and 36v motor, Panasonic DVD HDD recorder and Panasonic video/DVD recorder. Sony G800 HD TV stand/surround system + Sony KDL40W2000. Infinity USB, Elvis, CAS1, CAS2.
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Hi robo4 and welcome.

A motorised system is always the best solution for our hobby and there's lots of information on this site.

As for the receiver I would consider one of the Technomates, probably the 1500ci. The ci means common interface and is in effect a cam slot. Cams slot in and hold cards which decrypt channels. In the case of the 1500, the cam slot can be flashed, that is re-programmed with software so that some channels can be decrypted without cam or card.