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HUMAX IRCI-5400 digital reciever connected with TV via SCART
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Hi guys,

I do not have any knowledge really of digital satellite systems so please excuse any questions that might sound stupid to experienced members.
However I am really in need of help updating my satellite platform. I have a HUMAX IRCI-5400 digital reciever connected to the TV via scart and my feed from Hotbird and Astra Satellites is really bad. However I will adjust more carefully the dish to 13E and 19E and I hope that this problem will be solved.
My smart card keys have expired though and I would like to ask whether there is a way to update my card keys via PC and receiver connection and where can I download such keys. I'm not subscribed to any satellite service, the smart card was installed by a friend who knew how to make scrambled channels work.

Thanks a lot!


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My Satellite Setup
IDD CI24 ECONO MM Penta 1.20 Galaxy II
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My advice would be to contact your friend as he will know how he achieved the end result previously. There are a number of ways that could have been achieved with your stb. If you want to learn more about your particular stb and how to begin understanding decoding systems then you will need to read a lot of the forums here and also some of the humax sites and especially _