help requsted pls problem in matrix reloaded

i tried to convert the matrix reloaded cam to reality cam but the cam completly frozen

i tried to repair it by using the case interface 2
i used the xlinx file from al wakir ( matrix recovery file ) and from the matrix original site but the result same
the repairing failed and the receiver not recognize the cam it shows no cam installed i used diferent receivers ( humax , l.g , fortec )
but when i inserted the cam in the case interface 2 it shows the followings
CAM Connected
Xilinx XC9536XL CPLD Version 3 detected
Manufacturer ID: 0xAD
Device ID: 0x2249
Flash: HYNIX HY29LV160

any help /advise shall be highly appreciated

sorry i have no arabic key bord and pls don't mind my poor english