Help!- Total Novice requires pointers

I joined as a member yesterday and want to get my hands dirty in the world of satellite. I had a install last year of a Technomate TM-5500CI Receiver and a dish pointing to Astra. An AXAS PCMCIA Module with card provided me with Premier Direkt, Canal+ and C+ which was great until all the encryptions changed!

Now I have nothing but the free stuff (possiblity of getting a Taquila card this week) but I want to know how I can get started and avoid the cost of a new card every 5 minutes.

I read with interest about cams, keys, matrix revolutions et al but with no real clue what they are. Is there somebody who can talk me thru it/point me to the right sites and indicate what is required to get me going.

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There are a lot of cards out now, Knot card. Tit card, MII card, PLAT card, In my view the Tit card is best. As for cams the best are MR ( matrix reloaded ),, MREV ( matrix revolution ) and Dragon cam. These are mostly cardless cams ( i.e. they have built in chips, bigger chips then you will get on a card so can hold bigger files and some can open 6 or more packages.

BTW the Taquilla channels on 19E are open with the correct file, I use a TMB file on a Tit card. Do a bit more reading and it will all fall into place.