help with dm600 connection to internet



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laptop and sat receiver in a LAN
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I wondering if you could help me with the following.
Iam trying to connect my db 600 to the internet.
The db is connected to my laptop via a crossover cable.
My laptop accesses the internet via wifi from a d-link router i have in bedroom.Also there is a PC attached to the router with an ethernet cable for its internet connection in the bedroom .I cannot move the db in the bedroom with the PC and the router because the LNB plug is in the living room and it is connected to the TV (in another corner in the living room) via wireless transmitter /receiver 5.8GHz .
Someone suggested to attach a wireless access point at the back of db
so it can connect to the internet via the router.If this is the case what access point should i use (client, bridge etc.)
Also for transferring images from lap top to db via null cable my laptop (dell latitude 4300) doesn't have a male socket so the female-female connection cannot be obtained.
Can you pls give me your suggestions .
thank you