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Help with Hotbird and positioner

My Satellite Setup
80cm dish with Topfield receiver.
I have a old pace MSP 925 dish positioner and trying to fine tune the dish(80cm old precision type), as most channels have no signal. I mange to pick up a couple of transponders under hotbird, but not the italian channels.

I have no problem with Astra, 99% signal strength!

Couple of points:

Is there a way to move the dish in small fractions at a time. Each time I press the east or west button on the remote, the dish moves about a 2cm a time. I need to move in mm! Could this be the case or

Could it be the vertical positioning of the dish that may be out, as i been told that astra and hotbird are not the same vertically! BTW the dish was able to pick up anaulogue Hotbird channels after i changed LNB to uni type (.3).

p.s. the positioner is not connected to a receiver, just using to position dish to hotbird and then will be decommissioned! Cannot manually move dish by hand, cos the motor.