Help with Installing keys and using!!!!!

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Hi all

I am very very new to the dreambox concept and have owned one for less than 5 days or so now. I have been searching through forums day and night to learn more about the box. Although i'm making progress, i'm still very far from ultimately achieving my ultimate goal which is why I bought this box in the first place.

I have a dreambox 7000s which is pointing at astra 28.2. I am trying to access N*S encrypted channels. I was told with relevant modified images, SoftCAM's and keys, that I could potentially achieve this.

I have no problems with flashing new images on the box using DreamUP/Flashwizard (or multi booting for that matter).

I have tried the following images Gemini, Hydra, NabiloSat, PLi Flubber.

Within the images, using the blue key, i have installed the cams. My problem lies with installing the keys.

I have tried to FTP (using ftp://ip of my dreambox) windows explorer. I then copy the files to Var/Keys and Var/Scee. but it's not working. (is this why it wont work?)

I have even tried using the download keys option in Nabilo Sat but this also doesn't work.

I managed to get my viewing card working fine and access channels I pay for with the majority showing picture and no sound. What am I doing wrong?

I read about telnet and permissions (755). Could this be the prob. Also tried this originally

Please please help, sorry for my naivity. I have read the idiots guide through and through.

(ps is are keys compatible with all cams or are they individual to specific cams ie keys for CCcam etc)



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The only way to open the sky UK channels is with a legit subs card, or joining a card sharing ring.


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Your audio might be set to default on some ch to ac3. Set it to english. I assume you are using your sky card. So press audio button on remote and change it. I use newcamd with my sky card.