help with Progdvb and dinhset



I am a using prog dvb, and am having trouble finding the correct lofs for 105, 110, and 119. I can get it to change to the diff LNBs, and I can get the FTA channels on it, but I have read different things from 5 different articles on 4 different sites. Can anyone give me the correct settings for these? When I use one set of numbers I get one group of chanels, and when I use the other set I get different set of numbers. I have read every newbie's guide that I can find, and still can not figure out some of the basic settings.

I also am unsure where to get the sotfacm.key and even how I can make my own. Is their an "Idiot's" guide that tells me this, or is their an "Idiot" that ma be willing to help me? I would appreciate an help even if you are not an Idiot. lastly where would be a good starting place for someone to find this info. I have read all of the guides in the other areas (except the other languages) and most of the other sections read like the pasnats and other devices can set themselves up, or someone has already written software for the configs and just share them. If someone has a config that covers these birds, I would greatly appreciate it.


P.S. I spelled those words incorrectly on purpose, and the remarks to Idiot, were supposed to be funny, not offensive.