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Help with system specification


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I am a newbie and am interested in French and Spanish FTA tv. I currently have an old PACE MSS500 analogue receiver fixed on the Hotbirds at 13E on the roof with an old analogue LNB and a solid 1.2 m dish. This works fine but I would like to watch Spanish TV as well on 30W and then perhaps more French TV at 2W.

On the sitting room floor I have an echostar DSB-808 2CI digital receiver. I have just acquired a skydigital card. I have 2 dishes sitting on the patio. First one is the small triax skydish with digital LNB found in a bin which I assume I could use to get SKYdigital and a 60 cm old Pace non round dish (I think the LNB is analogue). I am frightened of heights ... think this is one of the reasons that all this stuff is sitting around. I have also bought a satellite finder (digital) and I have an orienteering compass.

My location is LON 51.427 LAT 0.55 (I understand this bit) I live in Egham, Surrey, UK.
x 500800 and y 170800 (whatever these mean)

Should I just junk the analogue PACE receiver and all the bits on the patio andget - what size dish-??? a motorised dish to use with the echostar which supports DiSEqC.1.2. Which LNB should I get? What kind of cost am I looking at to get Spanish and French TV. At a pinch I would be happy just viewing the Spanish TV on 30W (as I could keep the analogue at 13E).

All help and comments welcome.


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If you want to use the Sky card, then you will need a Sky digibox, so you may as well keep the minidish for that purpose.

The 1.2 obviously requires a universal LNB and would be more than sufficient for Hispasat 30W.