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Hi All,
Basically just sanapped a pin of the inside of the Duolabs CAS 2+ so no point going on with that.
Any how it was a bag or cr*p.
I tried for days to programm ny T-Rex 4.6 and couldnt get it to go.
Despite reading all the forums what should work it didnt.
As for Duolabs back up service, no existent.
I suppose i shouldnt have been a cheapskate and gone for the cheapest option.
Going forward as i said i have the T-Rex 4.6 and Dragon loader card.
I dont want to spend around £60.00.
Anyone recommend a programmer that will program this either card or the cam for a reasonable price.
Preferably NOT Duolabs.
Thanks in anticipation.


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Staff member
Most Infinity programmers cam program a Dragon Loader Card, I personally use the Infinity/Phoenix USB, one of which you should find quite cheaply.
Unfortunately if you ever decide to get a Diablo Cam, you will need a Cas 2 or Cas 3 to program it, and although I do agree with you about some of Duolabs products, in the early days the Cas 2 was well known for the pins breaking, they do make some innovative products, so you might want to consider a Cas 3.