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Hi All,
Haven`t had much time to play with my motorised dish lately (last post about christmas time) and am now starting to get back into it.
I`ve got this on-going problem trying to download .hex files for my infinity programmer... a) How do i know what files will de-crypt which channels?
:cool: Where do i download them from?
My system is a Technomate 5500ci - i have a 6 in 1 fun card & a Matrix re-loaded cam. For example, if i wanted to watch `Uk Living` or `Vh1 Classic` how would i know which .hex files to use (and where would i find them)?
Any help would be much appreciated.


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What the 6 in 1 file will decrypt is very often inthe readme file, the Matrix reloaded will of course emulate a six in one card as well.

There are a number of links in Nobbly's Big links list and also under his sub section Satellite forums, look for Toecutters, Dean's Place, JKF's, Snakesat, Tony Doe's. all of whom carry files.