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Hi all,


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Hi all,

First off all a big thank you to the main man for setting up this section for us.

I do my listings on a number of boards so a good few of you will know what to expect from me.

I shall been doing my first batch of listings in the next few minutes, please check them out and then let me know if there are any special channels you would like to see listed, I can't promise that I shall be able to find every single one of them but I do promise to do my best to get them for you.

Anyway, it's brilliant to be part of this great site and I hope I can contribute in someway that will be useful to the members.

In the meantime, all the best to you and yours,

Dean131 :-righton :-righton


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Thanks for that Dean131, I think that my favourite viewing at the moment is the Hispasat Taquilla 1-15 channels, plus the C+Cine 1-3. (Mainly because I took down the motor a few weeks ago and that is where the dish is pointing) :), but also because they have a good range of recent films.