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Hi everyone and a question


ucascity orphan
My Satellite Setup
amd3500+ msi 7800gtx 300gb hd creative 5.1 1gbkingstonddr400
motorised1.7dish twin0.3invecom lnb pace500ip echostar sr200ip
nokia9600 metabox3 skystar2pci
philips stb/digiturk
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Been hobbying sats since 94 and collected a bit of equipment along the way.
Got a skystar2 pci card as a xmas pressie and have now installed it and got it running with progdvb 4.71 full install s2emu 1.19 and the latest softcam keys.
Works a treat,one downside I had to buy a more comfotable chair as the old one was tired and I could see me spending even more time at the monitor.
Not listed is another pc with a p3 800 chip,networked to my newer one.Use this to d/load firmware to my metabox3 through the 232 port and net browsing.
My question is, I have a rcu that works fine with dvb wiewer but cant get to work with progdvb,seem to think it only needs activating but there lies my problem.Seen a splash screen with an activation tick box,accessed through settings/device options.My problem is that this menu wont open,why?


Retired Moderator
My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 7000, Skystar2
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Try dropping back to a 4.5.x relese of ProgDVB - it's just been through a major re-write, and is still a bit flakey.

What's 'rcu'? :confused