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hispa 30 west


Regular Member
furher to the the initial problem with 30 west, i have now managed to locate a few transponders on this sat12012 v,11731 h,11811 h,11851h,11804 h,11891h,mostly between 26% and 45%.i have a 1. triax with a topfield and .3lnb, i recieve 22w 7 w sirius thor etc all on a very strong signal,iam stumped with this since up untl a few weeks ago had no probs with this sat.I am stumped with this,could it be lnb needs adjusting,dont want to fool around with dish just for this sat if it means losing other sats any input on this would be great I am in suusex uk thanx
My Satellite Setup
a variety of lnb's (5), dishes (2), diseqc motors (3) and receivers (4).
My Location
East of Cambridge (GB).
The fact that you get other sats ok does this mean that you are motorised?
Is a tree/bush/neighbours new extension partially blocking the beam?
Have you tried nudging the dish left/right by means of the facilities in your receiver?
Have you tried pushing up/pulling down the bottom rim of the dish?