Just Sharing This Hispasat and Intelsat to combine forces at 55 degrees West


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amazonas-europa-ku_big.jpg Hispasat and Intelsat to combine forces at 55 degrees West

Hispasat and Intelsat will co-locate Intelsat’s Galaxy 11 and Hispasat’s Amazonas 1 satellites at 55.5 degrees West for two years, increasing capacity to expand their services.

The agreement will allow both companies to further enhance their positions in Latin America. Hispasat will use the Amazonas 1 from this new position to provide part of the audiovisual services for the Football World Cup. HISPASAT and Intelsat will cooperate at the orbital location, sharing orbital resources to expand services available for media and other customers in the region.

According to Stephen Spengler, president and chief commercial officer of Intelsat, “We welcome Hispasat as a partner at the 55.5ºW location. Intelsat has a strong and rich history of providing critical connectivity and content distribution in Latin America. We look forward to working with Hispasat on future opportunities in the region that will further strengthen our combined presence”.

Carlos Espinós, CEO of Hispasat, stated that “The agreement struck with Intelsat is in keeping with the company’s strategic plan, a cornerstone of which is to target growth through alliances with third parties. This deal also enables Hispasat to fully exploit the capability and service life of Amazonas 1 and to operate at a new orbital position, thereby further strengthening the Group’s position in Latin America. This agreement, unprecedented in the history of our company, exemplifies Hispasat’s endeavours to optimise resources in orbit under its new growth plan.”

In a related development, Hispamar Satellites, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Hispasat Group, secured rights to operate Ku band at 61 degrees West for the next 15 years, in an open auction held by the Brazilian government.

The rights are valid for 15 years and may be extended for a similar period. With their offer of $29.5 million, Hispamar Satellites held the winning bid in the auction organised by the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, Anatel. Seven satellite operators from across the globe attended the event.

Amazonas 1 has just moved to 55.4°W Galaxy 11 already broadcast to Brazil from 55.5 west http://www.lyngsat.com/Galaxy-11.html

Amazonas 1 has a European footprint that may be used for live World Cup Football feeds.


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