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Hello all.

Appologies if this question has been answered before - looking back on some posts, a few of my questions have been answered but I need to get it straight in my head ;-)

I'm getting Sky Digital shortly but have recently been told that you can see extra channels based from abroad (Ideal as my wife is German) using a multi-feed system. I want to recieve Sky Digi (28 E) Hotbird (13 E) and Astra 1 (19.2 E) so that she can watch a few programms dedicated to her language (makes her feel at home!).

What equiptment would I need to get HB & Astra? A bigger dish I know is for certain (can I get away with a 70 cm dish? - I live in the south). Also another 2 LNB's (will a monoblock do?) and a bracket to hold the 3 LNB's (which one is best?) What position should the primary LNB be positined - 28 E ? Can I watch the FTA channels on HB & Astra on my Sky Digibox or will I need to get another reciever? ( I know I would have to get one for encrypted channels - but the Mrs won't let me watch them ;-) )

As you can tell - I'm a novice at these things - so any help would be most apreciated.



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Technomate 5402 HD M2 Ci, DM7000s, Transparent 80cm Dish, Moteck SG2100 DiseqC motor, lots of legacy gear. Meters: Satlook Digital NIT, Promax HD Ranger+ spectrum analyser.
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Also, if German channels are what you want. get yourself a cheap second hand analogue receiver for Astra 19.2, loads on there.

In Bath the 70cm Gemini should be OK, just set one up with Hotbird as the main focus and Astra 28.2E as the secondary and it appears to cope well, the Astar 28.2 signals were close to what would be achievable with a minidish.

The digibox will not operate a DiseqC switch, there other ways of switching LNBs though, I would opt for a separate receiver for your Euro viewing, you'll more than likely get the bug and want to receive more after a while. :)