How can you insert keys?


My Satellite Setup
Technomate 5400CI super, Diablo Wireless, cas interface 3, viaccess smit cam,
Fixed Hotbird 13e, Astra UK & Turksat
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London, uk
:confused Hi everyone! :-worship
I am new to this and I hope that it is the right thread for this.

I have seen on some internet sites that some keys are given to open some satellites. Basically they give the name of the encryption system or package name (Nagravision, Premier world, TV cabo...), a PID number to enter I suppose, the name of the satellite (hispasat, astra 19e...) and then some keys such as (F3 39 DL...) to enter. I don't know what is the procedure to enter those sequences and where to go with the receiver. Do I need to go to the set menu and then what?
Can anyone of you help me with this?
Many thanks in advance for your time and help :)