How do allign dish for 19+13



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Hi all
Sorry if this has been asked before. I want to allign my fixed triax TD88 with triax twin LNB holder so that I can receive astra and hotbird. I am unsure how to do this. Do I need to put back the original LNB holder and allign onto the primary sat, and then add the holder and find the next satellite?

Any help would be very welcome.

Also. I am thinking about getting a techomate receiver. I've seen that some of them have a built in 36v Positioner (which I need) AND they have built on diseqc switching for driving a motor for incline sats. Could I use this facility to use multi lnb's on fixed dishes aswell as still using my 36v H2H ?

Shame that technomate dont make a reciever with 36v,diseqc,5.1 optical,blind scan, HD,Analogue all in one box. Oh, and network capabilty too.

I guess we can only dream??