how synchronized a black wireless controll on my xbox 360?


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Apr 25, 2005
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i bought a black xbox 360 wireless controller,but at the moment it will be not recogneized by the console,what button i have to press,at the same time,that i can use my controller?
at the moment i dont find the old white one?

to weeks ago,i was on a console shop,to patch the dvd drive,i have the first xbox 360 modell after the console comes to the market!

but now,it shows,when i insert xbox dvd,or dvdr ,comes the massage ,if you want to play,this dvd put it into a xbox 360 console,but the disc is already inserted!

now,iam not sure,do i something wrong,with synchronisation itself,because i dont know,what button i have to press?
when i press the green round button on the pad,it begin to flash,,when i press the white little button on the console,and the black button behind the pad,the power swtich button,flash rapidly!

i think something is now wrong,with my console,and i have to bring back to the store,that made the drive flash!

any other ideas?
first i want to try,this with the pad,,after i know ,how i can do,thanks for your help!