How to bag an iPhone bargain

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Jun 26, 2007
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For bargain hunters, the launch of the iPhone 3G was the best news yet from Apple. Why?

Because it means thousands, maybe millions of owners of the old 1G versions are going be dumping their iPhones faster than a smuggler on the Kessel Run (it’s from Star Wars. Ask for your dad). And the sale starts on Friday 11 July.

Obviously it’s a bit too early to start bargain-hunting now - you arguably missed that window of opportunity when O2 started flogging off first gen iPhones cheap in April.

iPhone shortage

That ironically coincided with a worldwide iPhone shortage, which saw eager buyers reluctantly walk away from stores in the US when they discovered that someone else had already beaten them to it.

A quick peek over at eBay UK right now confirms the first gen iPhone is still in demand, with bidding on some unlocked examples spiralling over £350.

You can bet your boots that’ll change over the next few days once buyers - and sellers - catch on the earthquake-size shock that accompanied the launch of the iPhone 3G on Monday.

Reissue, repackage

Another place that’s devoid of first generation iPhones right now is the Apple Refurb Store.

Normally the Refurb Store is a great place to pick up Mac, iPod and iPhone bargains, with a typical 20 per cent saving on reconditioned kit that also carries a 1-year Apple warranty.

Again we expect a flood of first gen iPhones to turn up here once the upgrading frenzy begins.

Sadly you’re unlikely to be able to pick up a first gen iPhone at either Carphone Warehouse or O2 stores - because they want you to buy an iPhone 3G.

The good news is that O2 is also offering the iPhone 3G on a Pay As You Go basis this time around, so at least you won't be tied into an 18-month contract.

The Black Economy

Your final option then is the black market.

There’s bound to be someone down your local who knows someone who knows someone who does muggings to order. Well you said you wanted blood.

Just don't forget to wipe it off before you make your first call, OK?