How to copy motor setting to each image...


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I have a motorised diseq setup on my dreambox and postions are stored for each satellite if i boot to another im image I don't have the channels from my previous image and the positions.
I have to start from scratch, how can I fix this problem regarding having postions stored on to other images without searching for astra hotbird by moving my dish

1. Set up one image with all your satellite settings.
2. Using FW5 delete all multiboot images except the one you have set with satellite settings.
3. Ensure the image with the satellite settings is the active image on the Dreambox.
4. Ensure the 'smart copy settings' box in FW5 is checked.
5. Using FW5, re-install your multiboot images and the settings will be copied from the active image.
6. All your multiboot images now have the same settings.

Thanks to: theoldgit @ TCD (with permission)


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Hi Gameboy

Sounds interesting. Is there a method for this if you want to change to a completetly different image on a 5620 (no multiboot)? I think this coul dbe quite a nice one to solve.

In any case, if this works ok on the bigger boxes and multiboot, how about you enter this into the Idiot guide, please make sure to include which boxes it works with, what FW5 is (not everyone knows) and maybe a screenshot of the place you put the 'smart copy settings' ?